Latest Technology Improving the Medical Devices

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As we know medical devices are very important for the treatment of patients. It’s necessary for these devices to work accurately. To maintain accuracy and to make these devices reliable, the proportional solenoid valve is widely used in these devices. A flow control valve not only helps in controlling the flow rate but also keeps the pressure and other relevant variables low as per the need. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of the medical devices and to make them more reliable a control valve is used in the medical devices.

In the past controlling the flow rate and pressure was a daunting task, but over time the advent of proportional flow control valve technology has made it easier than ever. Nowadays, the operator can easily set the required value of the flow rate and pressure and the valve maintains this value by changing the size of the orifice as per the need.  


Ventilators are used for patients suffering from breathing disorders. They help in providing breathing treatment to the patients. This treatment restores the carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood of the patient. Here a flow control solenoid valve controls the flow rate so that the oxygen and other vital gases can be delivered on the required flow rate and pressures. Different patients can have different ages and different requirements. So to fulfill them and provide quality treatment control valves helps to maintain the required flow rate of the gases and ensures a safe and sound treatment of the patients.

Dialysis Machine

The dialysis machine is very complex and all the components of this machine are responsible for the functionality of the machine. Because it’s not just about switching ON and OFF. It has to control the flow rate of the blood and pressure with high precision. That’s why, the control valve is used in this machine. Here proportional solenoid valve serves vital functionality. It provides a higher level of control over the flow rate during the travel of the blood between the patient and the system. After performing the dialysis solenoid operated valve can be easily removed and disposed of. 

The contamination can be very very harmful to the patients. Therefore, it’s necessary to use the type of valve that is capable of withstanding harsh chemicals. This way, it helps to perform the dialysis safely and precisely. Today solenoid valves are widely used at different places to provide accuracy in controlling the flow rate of the fluid or gases and providing an element of safety. In medical devices, a flow valve is used in incubators, blood-changing machines, blood pressure monitoring instruments, ventilators, etc.

Final Words

Today, the proportional solenoid valve is considered the main component of various medical devices because of its strong controllability over flow rate and other relevant variables. Over time, these valves are becoming more and more famous among the people. Nowadays, they come in various shapes, designs and sizes to fulfil the needs of all the systems.

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