10 healthy food for Picky Eaters 

Fruits and Berries:  Provide a variety of colorful fruits and berries for natural sweetness and essential vitamins. 

Vegetables with Dips:  Pair veggies with tasty dips like hummus or yogurt to enhance flavor. 

Lean Proteins: Offer lean proteins such as grilled chicken or turkey for muscle development. 

Whole Grains: Introduce whole grains like whole wheat bread or brown rice for fiber and sustained energy. 

Nut Butters: Incorporate nut butters (peanut, almond) for healthy fats and protein. 

Greek Yogurt: Serve Greek yogurt with fruit for a protein-rich and probiotic-packed snack. 

Cheese: Include cheese in moderation for calcium and protein. 

Smoothies: Blend fruits, yogurt, and a handful of spinach for a nutrient-rich and tasty smoothie. 

Oatmeal: Customize oatmeal with toppings like fruits, nuts, or a drizzle of honey. 

Homemade Pizzas: Engage picky eaters by allowing them to create their own mini pizzas with wholesome toppings. 

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