12 best items in a traditional turkish breakfast

Turkish breakfast, known as "kahvaltı," is a delightful and hearty spread of various dishes. Here are some of the best items you can find in a traditional Turkish breakfast: 

Simit: Circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds, often referred to as a Turkish bagel. 

Beyaz Peynir: White cheese, similar to feta, a staple on Turkish breakfast tables.

Sucuklu Yumurta: Fried eggs cooked with sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), creating a flavorful and filling dish.

Menemen: A traditional Turkish dish made with eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and spices, often cooked in a pan.

Olives and Olive Oil: Various types of olives and high-quality olive oil, offering rich flavors.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers: Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced and served as refreshing accompaniments.

Kaymak: Clotted cream, typically spread on bread or served with honey for a sweet touch.

Bal (Honey) and Tahini: A spread of honey or tahini on bread, providing a mix of sweetness or nutty flavors.

Turkish Tea (Çay): Strong black tea, often served in small tulip-shaped glasses, a staple beverage.

Pastries (Börek): Flaky pastries filled with cheese, spinach, or minced meat, offering savory options for breakfast.

Jams and Preserves: Various fruit jams and preserves, providing a sweet addition to the spread.

Pogaca: Small, savory pastries often filled with cheese, olives, or potatoes.

Turkish breakfast is a social and leisurely affair, meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. The variety of flavors and textures in a Turkish breakfast make it a unique and delightful experience.

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