12 Eating Disorder Movies

Eating disorder: is a mental health condition involving unhealthy eating patterns, impacting physical and emotional well-being significantly.

To the Bone (2017) :  Anorexia journey, portraying struggles, recovery, and personal challenges. 

Hunger Point (2003) : Sisters face challenges, depicting the impact of eating disorders. 

For the Love of Nancy (1994) : Family copes with a daughter's anorexia, recovery highlighted. 

Thin (2006) :  Documentary offers insights into lives at a residential eating disorder clinic. 

Healing for  Love (2016) :   Explores relationships and recovery during eating disorder challenges. 

Perfect Body (1997) :  Gymnast battles societal pressures, shedding light on bulimia struggles. 

A Secret Between Friends (1996) :  Friends tackle anorexia, emphasizing the importance of support. 

Starving in Suburbia (2014) :  Teen navigates anorexia in an image-obsessed suburban culture. 

Dying to Be Perfect (1996) :  A gymnast confronts anorexia's impact on health and well-being. 

Super Skinny Me (2007) :  Journalists explore extreme diets and their effects on eating disorders. 

Dying to Dance (2001) :  A ballet dancer faces anorexia's challenges in the pursuit of perfection. 

Eating Disorders: The Facts (2019) :  Documentary examining various aspects of eating disorders. 

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