12 traits of a narcissist 

Self-centered individual with an inflated sense of self-importance, lacking empathy, craving admiration and validation. 

Self-centeredness: Prioritizes own needs, lacks empathy for others' feelings. 

Grandiosity:  Exudes superiority, seeks admiration, and expects special treatment. 

Lack of Empathy: Insensitive to others' emotions, disregards their perspectives. 

Manipulative: Exploits others, uses charm to achieve personal goals effortlessly. 

Entitlement: Believes entitled to privileges, often without deserving justification. 

Envious: Resents others' success, harbors jealousy, desires their accomplishments. 

Arrogance: Exhibits superiority, condescension, and disdain toward less accomplished individuals. 

Exploitative: Takes advantage of others without remorse, exploits for personal gain. 

Fantasy-driven: Daydreams of unlimited success, power, and exceptional achievements consistently. 

Boundary Violation: Ignores personal space, disregards others' emotional or physical limits. 

Attention-seeking: Constantly craves attention, becomes upset when not in the spotlight. 

Criticism Aversion: Reacts defensively or angrily to critique, lacks accountability and reflection.

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