A study claims that cannabis users are as encouraged as non-users

The WHO ranks cannabis third among psychotropic substances, behind alcohol and nicotine.

Among 181.8 million people aged 15-64 who used cannabis recreationally in 2013, the vast majority were teenagers and young adults.

274 cannabis users and 274 nonusers of the same age and gender participated in the study.

Cannabis users were found to be the same enthusiastic than non-users but only with the little difference, according to the study.

This difference of enthusiasm between users and non users was not as much as it has been always showed.

It was discovered that people of all ages, both users and non-users, showed the same amount of effort to earn a reward.

Study found no evidence to support the assumption that cannabis users are less motivated or less driven than non-users.

To completely rule out any detrimental effects on users' brains, more research is required.

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