Essential facts to know about Sleep disorder which is causing a problem to Americans

The U.S. Institute of Health reports about 70 million American people suffer from sleep disorders.

There are several factors that affect a good sleep like obesity, constipation and other health problems.

In the same way, study concludes that societal change, long work hours and depression plays a major role in sleep disorder.

More than 30 million American population suffers from insomnia.

CDC has come up with an objective to make a strategy that may enhance sleep health of American people.

Also it was mentioned by the results of studies that insufficient sleep may affect relationships, behaviour and social well being of a person. 

To escape from all these problems, one needs to have enough sleep hours.

To enhance your sleep, you should always make sure that you're eating healthy and living fine.

If you feel depressed,  try finding out techniques to cope up with it.

Choose comfortable mattresses with soft pillows. When going to sleep, read a good book so that you may avoid negative thoughts.

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