Foods that are hazardous for heart


Pizza contains a high amount of calories and fat. Excessive amounts of fat may be a reason for artery blockage.


Consuming red meat on a large scale can harm our heart. Red meat such as pork and lamb contain a greater amount of unsaturated fat.


Foods which are rich in sugar are harmful for the heart.


The oil quantity above the required level is not good for the heart at all.  Excessive oil quantity may lead to heart attack.

Cold drinks

Cold drinks or cokes contain high amounts of sugar and fat.  They may give rise to type 2 diabetics and high blood pressure.

Potato chips 

Avoid daily consumption of potato chips.   Potatoes contain starch which is a harmful material.


Bacon contains high amounts of saturated fat, sodium and calories. Due to all these, regular Bacon consumption is not good for the heart. 


Butter is rich in saturated fats that boost "bad" cholesterol and heart disease risk. Hence daily consumption of Butter may be injurious to the heart.

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