Are you ready to discover the facts about ovarian cancer?

Cancer is a condition that is caused by the uncontrolled cell division.

When there is uncontrolled growth in the ovary, it leads to ovarian cancer.

Types of ovarian cancer

Epithelial ovarian cancer Stromal tumors Germ cell tumors 

The cause of ovarian cancer is not authentically discovered yet.

It is clear that ovarian cancer occurs due to uncontrolled cell growth in ovaries though. 

Some risk factors that can cause ovarian cancer

Genetics Ovarian cancer in the ancestors No pregnancy throughout the life Overweight Age Endometriosis PHR Therapy (Postmenopausal Harmone Replacement Therapy)


Intense weight loss Feeling tired Frequent needs of urination Disturbed metabolism Constipation Bloating Swelling in abdominal area


The only way to treat ovarian cancer is prevention. Keep yourself fit and fine. Ask the doctor before taking birth control pills.

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