Interesting facts about Little Debbie ice cream

Little Debbie is a brand name of frozen desserts that are available to purchase.

This business has played a significant role in the lives of innumerable Americans ever since its founding in 1946.

Arthur and Alva Wirtz founded Little Debbie in Wichita in 1930.

The company's initial product offering was baked goods.

The company started selling frozen ice cream prepared with pure milk and cream in the 1940s.

Ice cream remained a popular dessert option all the way through World War II.

There are about 80 different ingredients in Little Debbie Ice Cream.

Few examples of different Little Debbie flavours are

1) Huge variety of chocolate 2) Strawberry 3) Coconut 4) Lemon Meringue 5) Banana split 6) Apple Pie

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