A report from WHO has been presented that marks 50000 monkeypox cases recorded in the global outbreak. 

Europe and the United States found consideration of being the hotspot for the outbreak.

50496 cases and 16 deaths were estimated on the dashboard of WHO.

Due to these numbers, monkeypox was decared public health emergency by the UN.

Monkeypox cases touched 50,000 on the scale throughout the world.

The declines in new infections were also recorded by the WHO.

Due to this nature, the WHO chief marked that the outbreak has a ability to take a rest.

Since May, monkeypox cases have risen drastically outside of Africa.

The reason behind this catch was underlined as a preference of intercourse between two males.

Solely, the United States has recorded 17,995 cases according to the WHO.

Fever, muscular aches and large boil-like skin lesions are some identified symptoms of this disease.

Any personal contact with an infected individual puts you at risk for monkeypox, says WHO's Rosamund Lewis.

However,  monkeypox does not spread via blood transfusions.

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