Australian professional tennis player Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios has opened up about mental health problems in his early career.

He admitted that Naomi Osaka inspired him to be capable enough to share his experience.

Kyrgios found out that Naomi didn’t hesitate to tell that she had to deal with mental health problems.

This made him comfortable with what he was going through. 

In February, Kyrgios shared a post about ‘the darkest periods’ of his life. 

He started learning to face the challenges believing that he had his followers along with him. 

However the athlete has not been on top at every moment but he went on learning. 

Kyrgios has a strong belief that men around the world feel difficulty about what they are suffering from.

Here is the message of the athlete to us, “I think men around my age really struggle to open up. Can't feel weak... [Naomi] helped me a lot with that."

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