Top 10 symptoms of ADHD in adults and treatment 

The American Psychiatric Association states, 2.5% of adults are affected by ADHD.

8.4% of children are influenced by ADHD, according to APA.

Adult people with ADHD have to face many problems like relationship issues and difficulty in concentration.

The 5th edition of DSM (DSM-5) identifies three ADHD types-

Combined Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive Predominantly inattentive 

Here are 10 symptoms of ADHD in adults

Anxiety and restlessness Rapid Forgetting Negative self image Hyperfocus   Health concern Smoking and alcoholic Sleep problems Less motivated Difficulty in time management Intense Mood swings 

Treatment for ADHD in adults

Cognitive behavioural therapy can be applied to mild ADHD. Practising healthy habits. Learn to manage stress and anxiety disorders. Maintaining a good amount of sleeping hours.

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