6 foods that have an impact on how vagina tastes and smells

Whatever we eat, we have the direct impact of that on our health.

Especially, vagina and stomach are highly influenced.

Vagina is a self cleaning organ of the body but the pH value and taste may be affected by what one is consuming. 

Hence we need to schedule a good diet so that the sweet taste of vagina can be claimed. 

Here are 6 food that we can eat to taste sweeter. 

We can consume curd and yoghurt to mainten the vaginal taste.

Green tea also helps to increase the taste.

The polyphenols and estrogen removes the bad smell of vagina. They are found in apple so we can eat it.

Eat pineapple to balance the pH value of vagina.

Lemon juice removes the bad taste from the private area. Hence we can take it as healthy tip.

Cranberries are full of antioxidant properties. They are a good detox for our body that can help us taste sweeter.

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