Top 9 facts about dementia affecting younger people 

There is a form of dementia that occurs in people below 65 years.

Although dementia increases by age yet the risk of  increasing  its impact in an early age can be seen too.

According to a survey, 200000 people below 65 years in the United States are facing dementia.

Here are some common types of dementia that are found in young people-

Vascular dementia Frontotemporal dementia Huntington's disease Korsakoff's syndrome Lewy body dementia 

Dementia in young people affects mental state as well as physical condition.

The symptoms like thyroid disorders, brain tumors and medication side effects can be included. 

These symptoms can be treated if identified at an early stage.

Dementia below 65 years or in early 30s is quite rare.

If you see depression and forgetfulness going beyond its normal state, see a doctor for a regular checkup