World lukemia day is celebrated on 4 September to raise awareness among the people.

Leukaemia can infect both the lymph nodes and the bone marrow, two of the major sites in the body for the creation of blood cells.

There are numerous leukaemia subtypes that can manifest as the disease.

Certain blood types are at increased risk for developing juvenile leukaemia. When compared to adults, children have a lower risk of developing leukaemia.

White blood cells are the main target of leukaemia disease. 

In order to combat infections, your body constantly generates new white blood cells (WBCs).

The bone marrow of a leukaemia patient produces an abnormally high number of defective white blood cells, which are unable to carry out their usual functions.

There are many and hard to find signs of leukaemia.

Early signs of leukaemia are often ignored because they are similar to the flu or other illnesses.

It is very rare for a different kind of blood test to accidentally find out that someone has leukaemia.

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