Meanwhile the world was facing covid 19, increasing cases of monkeypox were also recorded. 

Although there is a vaccine for this virus yet the cases are increasing that put a question mark on the efficacy of the vaccine.

Discussing its efficacy, Rosamund Lewis elaborated that there is still no determined data available to calculate the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Historical research from Africa shows that the smallpox vaccine prevents monkeypox by at least 85%.

Breakthrough cases are directly proportional to the efficacy of the vaccines.

However, "no vaccine is 100% effective, so breakthrough cases from monkeypox are to be expected," says Dr. Watkins.

Our focus must be on having vaccines rather than  its efficacy suggests Dr. Adalja.

We must be isolated from the infected people according to Dr. Watkins.

Although there is a few  breakthrough in monkeypox cases after vaccination yet vaccine is highly recommend.

If you have been a close contact with the infected person, reach the doctor at first.

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