Itchy vagina: causes, symptoms and treatment

Vaginal health has a deep impact on a woman's overall health.

There are various hormonal changes in a woman's body before she starts her month.

This may lead to irregular pH of vagina.

Due to this, you may experience an itchy vagina.


Yeast infection Bacterial infection STDs (Sexually Teansmitted Disease) Lack of hygiene Delay in tampons or pad removal Premenstrual dysphoric disorder


Itching in the clit and vulva Dry vagina Bad odour of the discharge Swelling Rashes


Wear clean, soft and light clothes. Eat healthy to regulate the hormonal cycle. Maintain hygiene in the private areas. Replace tampons with reusable and washable cotton pads. Do not use soap or scented products to clean your vagina.

Essential tip

If you do have sex with your partner, make sure you both maintain proper hygiene in your private parts.

Consult a medical expert in case you feel any discomfort.

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