Itchy vagina before period: Problems, Causes, Treatment and Remedies

In this article, we will discuss in detail about itchy vagina before period and why the problem of a woman’s clit itch is seen. Let’s start with what a woman has to suffer when her periods are about to hit her.

Itchy vagina before period
Itchy vagina before period

Itchy vagina before period is one of the most common problems of women. Why does my vagina itch before my period? The simple answer to this question is; it may be due to hormonal changes. One more question arises, why does my clit itch? Well, it may be due to several infections like yeast, parasites and bacterial infection. Have you ever experienced an itchy vagina during periods or itchy vulva at night?

Physical problems before, after, and during periods

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps can be a nightmare for any woman. Menstrual cramps are observed in a woman during periods. In simple words, a menstrual cramp is a problem in which a woman has to undergo severe pain in the stomach area.

Abdominal pain

Meanwhile, when a woman is going through her period, her body has to face many hormonal changes. These hormonal changes sometimes are really painful for a girl because she has to face abdominal pain. Abdominal pain is a disturbing problem among women who are having their periods.

Back pain

One more problem that comes along with periods is back pain. Women are seen to complain about back pain meanwhile they are having their periods. Sometimes this back pain is quite bearable but in some women back pain becomes quite intolerant.

Mood swings

Oh, you can never finish periods without considering mood swings. There are several studies that justify that mood swings are one of the biggest problems in the periods. Women not only experience mood swings during their periods but also sometimes have to tolerate mood swings before and after their periods too.

White discharge

A heavy flow of white substance coming out from the vagina may be a big problem for women. When a woman is about to start her period, it is observed that she has to suffer from white discharge. Along with this heavy wet problem, some women are seen to experience dry vagina before period.


Not all women but some are seen to complain about constipation before or after the period is about to start. Sometimes constipation and loose motions become rotational for a woman in terms of periods. For example, if a woman is about to start her period, she may suffer from constipation in the current month whereas in the next month she may suffer from loose motions.

Itchy vagina before period

This problem is quite common during periods but some women experience itching in vagina before their periods. It may be due to changes in the hormonal cycle or discharge coming out from the vagina. In medical terms, vaginal itching is said as vaginal pruritus.

Itchy clit

Due to allergy or infection, a woman has to experience a clit itching. During periods, clit itching is seen in many women. It may be due to several infections or allergies. Lack of hygiene is also a cause that leads to clit itching.

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Why does my vagina itch before my period?

We will elaborate itchy vagina before period in simple words. Here are some certain causes due to which a vagina becomes itchy before periods. Let’s have a look at them.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection before period is a discomforting issue in women.

In terms of the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body experiences dynamic hormonal patterns due to which the pH value of the vagina may change. This altered pH value of the vagina gives a great atmosphere of growth to a fungus that is named Fungus Candida. In this scenario, this fungus develops itself easily. Due to this fungus, the vagina, and other parts may be itchy.

The itching in the vagina because of yeast infection may be severe sometimes and it may cause other problems as well; for example discomfort during urination, thick white discharge, rashes, and bad odor.

Bacterial vaginosis

An altered pH value of the vagina not only creates a good atmosphere for yeast to grow but also may give a suitable surrounding to bacteria as well. Bacterial infection can also be a great cause of vagina itching. This is called bacterial vaginosis.

When harmful bacteria grow in the vagina, there may be many problems that women have to face. The problems which are created by bacteria are similar to the problems created by yeast-like discomfort while peeing, bad odor from the discharge, and thick substance coming out from the vagina.


Trichomoniasis is an infection that is caused by sexual intercourse. This STI or sexually transmitted infection is caused by a parasite named Trichomonas vaginalis.

According to a report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 3.7 million people in the United States suffer from Trichomoniasis. In this situation, a woman may show certain symptoms like discomfort during urination or sexual intercourse, bleeding or spotting, frequent urination, and bad odor.

It is also noted that a woman with Trichomoniasis may show symptoms 5 to 28 days later after getting infected. In some people, there is an infection without any symptoms.

Pads and tampons

Women having their period are always advised to change their pads frequently. Sometimes they are not in a situation to do so or they get late in changing their pads. This may lead to irritation in the vagina because pads and tampons have a certain time to be changed.

Lack of hygiene

During periods, it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene in the genital areas. When it comes to the vagina, it is already such an organ of a woman that has certain bacteria in itself. If proper hygiene is not maintained before, after, or during periods, the pH value of the vagina may be imbalanced. This may cause irritation and an itchy vulva and clit. Inappropriate hygiene can make the vagina itchy before the period.

Diagnosis of the problem

Whatever causes an itchy vagina before period, maybe diagnosed by medical experts. To diagnose the infection, your doctor will actively listen to the symptoms you tell.

To confirm the phenomena that are causing infection, the doctor may take a sample of the blood or discharge coming out from the vagina on a tissue. Further, it is confirmed by the test whether the infection is caused by any yeast, bacteria, or parasite.

When it comes to trichomoniasis, the problem can only be found by observing the vaginal fluids. On the basis of symptoms, you are facing or telling the problem cannot be confirmed.

How to cure an itchy vagina before period?

There are several ways to cure an itchy vagina and you should always take them on priority.

Note down the symptoms

If you see some symptoms like an itchy vulva or any other irritation in vagina, note down the symptoms. The symptoms may be caused by several infections including yeast, bacteria, and parasites.

See a doctor

Do not take your health for granted. This is actually a great responsibility for you to keep yourself healthy. If you see regular symptoms of itching in your vagina, discuss them with a medical expert.

There are several treatments that may be given according to the infections that are causing itching in the vagina. The medical expert will recognize the cause of itching or irritation in the vagina and the treatment will be given accordingly.

For example, if a doctor finds that vaginal itching is due to fungus, he may prescribe medications to treat the fungal infection. Likewise, if he finds an infection caused by yeast or bacteria, the medication would be accordingly.

There are some vaginal itching cream available in the market but they should be only considered when your doctor prescribes them.

Maintain hygiene

Do not compromise with hygiene because this is the most important part of your period. If you do not maintain hygiene, you may have to suffer from an itchy clit, itchy vulva, and other vagina problems. To maintain hygiene, you should change your pads and tampons frequently. Along with this, you should always wear clean panties and change them on a daily basis.

Selection of pads and tampons

There are several brands of pads and tampons available in the market which are full of good perfume. If you are such a woman who likes the perfume of pads, you are not at the right place.

While choosing a brand of pads or tampons for yourself, make sure that they are smell free. The pads full of perfume may cause vaginal itching or irritation as per studies. It will be a great choice if you select cotton pads for you.

Home treatments and remedies

You can avoid vagina itching before periods with some simple home tricks. They are as under-

  • Wear loose cotton panties and pajamas.
  • Always clean your vagina with a wet cotton cloth.
  • Make sure you wash your vagina and vulva without scented products.
  • Try using reusable, cotton pads or pads without perfume.
  • It is a great choice if you go for a menstrual cup or pad in place of tampons.


So, we have tried to answer your query; why does your vagina itch before period in this article. We hope that you will find worthy information in this piece of writing. We always appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and you can write them down in the comment section below.


Why do I get so itchy before my period?

Itching in the vagina and its several parts may be due to various types of infections like yeast, bacteria, and parasites. The primary reason for vaginal itching is its imbalanced pH value of it. Due to the imbalanced pH value of a vagina, microorganisms like yeast, bacteria, and parasites get a comfortable atmosphere to grow. This may be a cause of why you get itchy before your period.

Is it normal to get a vagina itch before a period?

Yes, it is quite normal to experience vaginal itching before the period. Some women experience post-vaginal itching as well. The reason for this is several infections.  If you are about to hit your period, you may feel an intense desire to rub your vagina to fight against itching.

Can your period make your vag itchy?

In most women, it is observed that they experience itchy vagina and clit during their periods. Most of the time, the itching in the vagina before periods is mild but during or after periods, this itching may grow due to several factors including improper hygiene and imbalanced pH.

How can I stop my vagina from itching before my periods?

There are some home tricks that you can follow to avoid itching before your periods-
Use cotton pads without any scent or perfume on them.
Always choose cotton panties for yourself.
Eat healthy to avoid mood swings. Also, if you eat healthy, it will help you to maintain a good hormone cycle. This will further enhance the balanced pH value of vagina.

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