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You want to get more people to read your blog, but you’re not sure where to start.

Great news waiting to be heard by you! We are accepting guest posts. The Healthyfyeme blog is now searching for guest writers and contributors that have extensive experience in the fields of health and healthcare. Therefore, if you have a relevant website or blog to which you would want to add a backlink, we have a wonderful chance for you to take advantage of. Become a contributor and become a guest writer.

Two things are there- Guest bloggers wanted and guest posts wanted. Contribute to our site.

If you’re keen for this, guest post opportunities are there for you.

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Why write Health Articles for us?

There is an overwhelming number of health-related blogs on the internet. The blog is what makes our website suitable for hosting guest posts because of its many features. We have painstakingly developed a forum for the exchange of information in order to assist our readers in gaining an understanding of various topics related to health, including food & diet, wellness, ailments, sicknesses, home remedies, and more. Our viewers receive the most value from the original content that we curate because it is useful and factual. Therefore, when you write a piece on our blog, you may anticipate having access to our sizable readership, which places a high value on receiving informative content. Therefore, not only do you benefit, but so do the people that read our blog.

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post on a Health-Related Blog?

For rapid approval, any pitch you offer us for a guest post should abide by the rules (guest post guidelines) listed below:

Quality of stuff: We think that our users have access to well-researched, educational, and truly helpful stuff. Because of this, we favor guest contributions that are thoroughly researched, factual, and include in-depth information about the subject at hand. We ask our guest contributors to make sure their work is reliable and excellent before submitting it.

Content length: Although puffery, bluff, and repetitious material are things we vehemently disapprove of, we favor articles that are 600 to 1500 words long. Usually, we do this to make sure that our readers are well informed about the subject under discussion. Additionally, articles of good quality work well with current search engine algorithms. Therefore, before publishing your content, be sure that it satisfies the requirement.

Topic: As our blog’s name implies, we are a health-focused website eager to assist readers with a range of health-related issues, including illnesses, wellness, home cures, food and diet, mental health, LGBT, celebrity health and more. As a result, we ask that you only submit pitches that are pertinent to our blog and its categories. Anything that deviates from this pattern won’t be published, and there won’t be a response.

Here is a list of every category on our blog so that potential guest bloggers can find everything they need to know: You may submit articles to us in the following categories:

  • Conditions Health Care
  • Medication
  • Fitness
  • Health of Men and Women
  • Mental health
  • Home remedies
  • Medical devices
  • Food and diet
  • Diseases
  • Haircare
  • Skincare

All articles submitted to us for publication must specifically fit into the categories listed above; otherwise, they will be summarily rejected.

Reader-friendly: At Healthyfyeme, we not only want to provide our readers with pertinent information, but also work to do it in the clearest manner possible. As a result, while we want all entries to be good sources of knowledge, we also demand that they be simple enough for a layperson to read and understand. Therefore, when writing your content, be sure to avoid using jargon, fancy terms, and other things that can be confusing to our visitors.

Grammar and Structure: All guest writings that are submitted to us must adhere to proper grammar standards. Before submitting, double-check your work for grammatical problems. Additionally, you should add appropriate headers, subheadings, bullet points, capital letters, italics, underlining, photos, infographics, videos, and more to make the copy easier to read. These not only increase the content’s worth but also keep our readers interested.

Media: While we encourage you to use videos, photos, infographics, and other types of media in all of your posts, you must ensure that they are pertinent. Rejection can result from the unnecessary or irrelevant use of media in your content. Additionally, confirm that you are the sole proprietor of any utilised media, or give due credit where credit is due.

External links: Link spam is not permitted on our blog. Therefore, be careful to only include one hyperlink (to your site) when you send us a post. You may only include one external link in the text that points to an appropriate blog post. You risk having your post denied if the backlinks or external links point to any random blog or post.

Sales/Advertising: We accept postings that are only informative. It is totally forbidden to promote goods or commercial websites through guest articles. Send us an email with the subject “Write for Us Paid” or “Submit a Guest Post Paid” if you’d like to link to any commercial websites or for promotional pieces.

Affiliate links: We are not in the business of selling our readers anything or services. Because it harms our reputation, we do not accept any kind of affiliate link promotion in our guest posts. Send us an email with the subject “Write for Us Advertising” if you wish to advertise your affiliate link on our blog.

Copyright: We detest plagiarism and so do search engines! We do not want any non-original articles or information on our blog. Due to this, we strongly ask all of our guest authors to only submit original content that complies with all applicable copyright laws. Content that has been copied will be deleted from our blog right away. To be sure content is original, you can also use this small SEO tool for plagiarism detection.

Payment: We only allow guest posts on our blog in order to better educate our devoted readers and provide them with exposure to our sizable readership. We expose you to an audience base that we have tirelessly created over the years when you write an article on our blog with your hyperlink. However, we are not accepting any post free of cost, and guest authors are expected to be aware of this.

Time for publication: Every day, we get dozens of ideas from potential guest authors on a range of subjects that our readers would find interesting. Pitch submissions are carefully reviewed and altered to suit our readers’ demands. Even for our devoted team that work nonstop, this takes a lot of time. Because of this, we require a reasonable amount of time before a pitch is posted on our site. It will be more difficult for us to go forward if you keep reminding us when to publish. Therefore, we ask all authors to exercise patience and stop sending us multiple emails.

Editing: In order to better serve our readers, we reserve the right to modify and style any guest contributions that we publish on our blog.

Post rejection/removal: Healthyfyeme retains the right to reject and remove any post that violates our content standards or our policies in any way. For such conduct, we have no one to account to.

How do you submit a guest post?

Submit an article you want to publish as an MS Word document. Before handing us the final manuscript, if you’d like, you can send us suggestions for the topic or issue you want to write about. All emails should be formatted as follows and submitted to healthyfyeme@gmail.com:

  • Subject
  • What you intend to discuss in this subject?
  • The blog or website you want to backlink to using a link

If we are interested in your idea or proposal, we will undoubtedly respond right away. Send in your amazing pitches up until then.