What are the home remedies to increase child immunity?

In this blog we will read “ Home Remedies to increase Child Immunity ”

Ever since you became a parent, you have been worried about your child’s health and immunity.

Children are born with very low immunity in comparison with adults which makes them more prone to infections and diseases.

During growth years when the child is exposed to the outer world like school, friends, different surroundings and different people then the chances of getting ill by default increases and that’s when the parent’s job starts.

They are always extra careful about the child’s well being which is obviously important.

Ever since Covid-19 has hit the world, it has challenged the immunity of every person and obviously not sparing the children as well.

It has made parents more protective and concerned towards their child and his health.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important remedies and ways through which you can increase the immunity of your child.

So, let’s get started.

Why is child immunity a little more important?

Immunity is our body’s ability to fight against harmful organisms and substances.

What are the home remedies to increase child immunity

Immunity is of two types:

  • Acquired
  • Innate

Acquired immunity refers to that immunity which a child gets through vaccines and food and breast milk.

Innate immunity refers to body’s own immunity which is present in the body since birth and increases and develops as the child develops under good conditions.

Children are incapable of understanding what is good or bad for them. They cannot take decisions for their health which are correct for them.

If given a chance, no child especially during growing years would want to eat healthy food or follow a proper schedule.

That’s where the concern of parents increase and they try to find ways to keep their child’s nutrition and immunity well balanced.

Malnutrition is one of the world’s leading cause for under 5 child mortality, making it a serious concern for parents across the world.

Nutrition, immunity and a proper schedule helps to ensure a normal and well balanced development of a child’s brain and body.

Home remedies to increase child immunity

Healthy Diet

Home remedies to increase child immunity

To feed your child a nutritious and healthy diet is your challenge for almost every parent in the world. 

Not getting balanced and nutritious meals can lead to malnutrition in children which is a major cause of deformities in child and child death.

It is very difficult to feed the child healthy and nutritious food when all day they are busy exploring the world, playing or throwing tantrums to eat food which they call tasteless and only want fast foods.

There’s no doubt that not every healthy and balanced meal tastes good but for our body, especially of a child’s body it is important to take the proper meal and nutrition.

Try giving the child food which they like which is healthy as well. If the child doesn’t eat a particular vegetable then try different methods like putting that vegetable in the sandwich or in any other form which the child will find unique and tasty.

No one knows the child more than the parents so it’s in the parents hand to find new tricks and ways to feed the child proper balanced meals. 

Parents can tell the child that if he eats the food then he will get some extra playing time or an extra story during bed time. 

This will make the child excited and he will eat the food even if they find it boring.


Okay, obviously I won’t tell you to feed your little one with some artificial supplements which are available in the market or fill his glass of milk with protein powder. But, it is important especially in the growing years to take some natural supplements which provide the child’s body with some extra nutrition.

You can feed a spoonful of seed mix which you can give them after keeping them in water overnight or directly give them raw.

Seeds like flax seeds, cumin, pumpkin, chia are full of omega 3 fatty acids and other micronutrients which sometimes are not present in sufficient amounts in the main course meals. These seeds not only provide nutrients but also help in improving digestion and metabolism.

Probiotic drinks of different flavours are available in the market which can be given to the child. These drinks are said to increase the child’s gut health which is a major concern for any parent. You can choose the drinks which contain natural flavours and not the artificial ones.

One natural probiotic is curd, which is a great natural source of probiotics. If the child is lactose intolerant then he can be given curd made of almond milk or coconut milk.

Physical activity

Many people don’t consider the physical health of the child a serious concern. 

They think that the child will go outside and play which is enough but now as children are more into indoor games and mobile phone games which leads to decrease in extracurricular activities and ground sports.

Parents are usually working and they don’t get enough time to spend with their children so that they can take the child out in the park or for some sport. Nowadays various physical sports are offered in the school and parents should ensure that the child gets himself enrolled in those sports and activities. 

Time for physical activity even though it is walking for half an hour or swimming or any sport should be fixed for the child.

Try making a routine where you and your child can do physical activities together. 

Children do what they see more than what they are told to do.

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Home remedies to increase child immunity

One of the most important and highly neglected points is a child’s vaccination. 

Parents tend to forget to take their child for follow-up vaccination doses, making them prone to diseases, deformities because of lesser immunity and poor protection.

Proper sleep

Sufficient sleep plays an important role in a child’s body and mind development. Children should be brought in a routine to sleep early.

Accompany the child if the child complains of disturbances during sleep.

Manage stress

It is one of the most neglected points. Parents generally do not tend to give attention to their child’s mental health or if someone or something is bothering the child. 

Sometimes a childhood trauma strikes in a child’s mind and remains there for a lifetime. It is very important for the parents to keep an eye on their child’s behavior. 

If the behavior has changed from some time or in presence or absence of a particular person, then it can be an alarming situation.

Simple daily precaution

Other than the above mentioned remedies one needs to cake care of basic precautions like keeping the child away from a sick person, give extra attention during changing seasons, personal hygiene etc.

Keep some points in mind

Do not believe in myths

Whenever you share your child’s problem with anyone, people are ready to give multiple pieces of advice whether you ask for them or not.

Many times people tell you about some tricks or shortcuts which might have worked for their child. But it is important to keep in mind that every child is different, if something has worked for one doesn’t mean it will work for your child as well, it can turn harmful as well if the idea is not scientifically proven and not properly advised or executed.

Take doctor’s consultation whenever needed:

Sometimes parents neglect minor symptoms of a child as not so serious, but it can turn out to be very complicated also. 

It is very important to keep a check on child’s health and consult a doctor time to time without waiting fir the symptoms to get worsen.


So, we read about different remedies which are 100% going to work towards the betterment of your child.

To build up a child’s immunity, a balanced diet, proper sleep, supplements, stress management, physical activity are necessary.

So, don’t panic, relax, and take care of your child.

NOTE: This article is purely for informational purposes.

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