What are the best health benefits of mango slices?

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Basic introduction about Mango

It is not a matter of suspense if we say that a large proportion of people is fond of the sweet taste of mango. Yes in some parts of the world, mango is said as the king of fruits. It is all because of its sweet taste and adorable fragrance.

Mango is a seasonal fruit which is cultivated in the summer season. Although the summer season may bring extraordinary heat and tanning to us yet we are seen to be eager for this season. It is, we can say, because of mango.

In our today’s article, We will discuss some interesting facts and health benefits in mango slices. Let’s start our journey from here.

Interesting things about Mango

Interesting things about Mango slices
  • In some parts of the world, Mango is considered as the king of fruits.
  • Mango slices is full of nutrients and other beneficial elements like carotenoids, Ascorbic acid, terpenoids and polyphenols.
  • When the mango remains slightly unripe, the amount of vitamin-C in it is high. Whereas, when it is ripe, the amount of vitamin-A in it becomes high.
  • The scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica.
  • Alphonso is one of the most expensive and popular mangoes. Alphonso is cultivated mainly in the western part of India, which includes Ratnagiri, Raigad and the Konkan region of India.
  • If we talk about mango production, India’s name comes first in this. India is number one in terms of mango production.
  • Mangoes are the most consumed fruits among other fruits around the world.
  • People believe that giving a basket of mangoes is a symbol of friendship.
  • These trees still bear fruit when the mango season arrives. Mango has been called the national fruit of India.
  • Mango is not only the national fruit of India but also of Pakistan and Philippines.
  • Mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh.
  • ‘International Mango Festival’ is organized in Delhi, in which many varieties of mangoes are displayed and many types of mango eating competitions are also held. Many rare varieties of mangoes are seen in the festival. More than 100 varieties of mangoes are found.
  • People believe that Lord Buddha used to meditate while sitting under a mango tree.
  • While buying mango, do not go for its color, it is not necessary that red or yellow mango is ripe.

Note- These Are some conversational fact about mango. Some may be dependent on the regional tradition.

Are mangoes good for your health?

Mango slices contains about 20 different minerals and vitamins, making it one of the most nutrient-rich fruits.

According to an Australian study, mango is considered very useful for our health because it is rich in such bioactive compounds which are essential for a healthy living. Study published by Iowa Department of Public health suggest that mango is rich in beta-carotene which protects the body from various diseases.

Studies also show that mango enhances the immune system of the body. Mango also has 20 other minerals and vitamins, as per the reports. Due to its higher mineral properties, mango is considered as a powerful fruit. Mango can also give protection against various diseases such as cancer, heart diseases etc. We will underline the benefits of mango in this article. Let’s have a look at the benefits of mango.

Health benefits in mango slices

Mango slices is capable of fighting against cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease that risk the life of a person. In our day-to-day life, there comes so many ups and downs that affect our daily routine. This also affects our lifestyle. A bad lifestyle and bad eating habit can cause cancer. Hence taking care of our lifestyle and eating habits is really important. Improving the daily eating habits is a way that can give us protection against big diseases like cancer. So we can approve the consumption of mango to make it as a good life hack. A mango pulp is rich in carotenoids, Ascorbic acid, terpenoids and polyphenols. 

Due to these elements, mango is capable of fighting against cancer. It lowers down the possibilities of cancer as well. Mango has anti-carcinogenic effects and it was supported by a scientific study done in 2010. The anti-cancer properties found in a mango are named as Magiferin which is a compound found in fruits. This compound Magiferin helps our immune system to fight against those cells that lead to liver and stomach cancer.

It stops the growth of cancerous cells in the body. A study done in 2015 suggests that mango provides protection against breast cancer due to an element named polyphenols found in it. Texas A and M University published a report that shows the antioxidant properties of a mango. This study suggests that a mango is rich in polyphenol compounds which reduces oxidative stress.

You might surprised to know that oxidative stress is so dangerous for our body that it can even lead to cancer. Apart from all these, mango is also rich in inflammatory properties. Due to this, it can be stated that mango is useful when it comes to fighting against cancer.

It is used for better immunity

It is very important to have a healthy immune system. If the immune system of the body is not strong, the body can easily become a victim of infection due to changing weather or dust and soil. Therefore, by including mango in your diet, you can increase your immunity. Vitamin-C helps a lot in boosting immunity and mango is rich in vitamin-C.

According to a study conducted in Rajasthan, India, vitamin-C reduces the problem of allergies and can help fight infections. Therefore, consume it not only for the taste, but also for your health.

Mango slices can be consumed for a healthy brain

If you want to see the benefits of eating mango, we will tell you that mango helps to keep the mind sharp and also helps in strengthening memory. The bioactive component present in mango keeps the brain healthy. Apart from this, a study published on the website of NCBI has proved that there are such minerals in mango extract that improve memory.

At the same time, another study in Thailand has confirmed that mango has neuroprotective properties.

It can lead to protection against heat

It is well known that mango is the fruit of the summer season. Mango can protect the body from the hot summer wind i.e. heat stroke. Drinking ripe mango juice on a hot summer day can prevent the outbreak of heat, as it not only gives freshness to the body, but also hydrates the system.

Apart from this, many people boil raw mango and apply it on the body to cure heatstroke and fever. It is believed that it can cool the body. Apart from ripe mangoes, you can also drink raw mango panna or juice to avoid the wrath of heat.

To lose weight mango slices can be included in a diet

Nowadays obesity or increasing weight is the problem of every second person. In such a situation, if proper diet is taken along with exercise and yoga, we can lose extra pounds from our body. You can include mango in your diet for weight loss.

Not only mangoes, according to a study, mango peel (which we usually throw away) can also prove to be helpful. In addition, mangoes contain fiber, which can greatly aid in weight loss.

A study from the University of Minnesota proved that consuming dietary fiber found in fruits and vegetables can greatly aid in weight loss. Therefore, you should definitely include mango in your diet. At the same time, if someone is dependent on a particular diet to lose weight, then include mango in the diet plan only after the instructions of the expert.

Mango is beneficial in kidney stone

Mango Slices
Mango is beneficial in heart disease, cance, weight loss and kidney stone.

Consuming mango can also be beneficial for preventing kidney stones. Mango is rich in Vitamin-B6. According to an American study, this vitamin can reduce oxalate stones. In such a situation, mango can be consumed to prevent kidney stones.

It can be eaten to treat diarrhea

It may come as a surprise to many people that consuming mango in diarrhea can be beneficial. Many times people refuse to consume mango during this time, because it is hot. At the same time, if you consume mango after taking the advice of a doctor, then you can get benefits.

Anti-diarrheal properties are present in mango and mango seeds. Apart from this, not just fruits, but mango leaves can also be beneficial. Mango leaves are rich in tannins that can be dried and eaten to treat diarrhoea. Not only this, in some parts of the Caribbean Islands a decoction of mango leaves is used to treat diarrhea.

For a good digestion mango slices can be consumed

Consuming mango can also provide relief from digestive problems. It has the property of cleansing the stomach. It even removes the problem of constipation. When there is no problem of constipation, digestion power will also improve. Also, mango is a good source of fiber, due to this reason, it also improves digestion power.

Mango is good for a healthy heart

If your heart is healthy, you are healthy. To keep the heart healthy, people take special care of food. If you also include the seasonal fruit mango in your diet, then the heart can be very healthy. Consumption of mango can also reduce the risk of heart disease. The nutrients present in it can help in keeping the heart healthy. So, do not forget to consume it during the mango season.

It is beneficial for liver

Liver problems can also occur in stomach related problems. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of food and drink. In this situation, you can include mango in your diet by talking to the doctor. Mango has hepatoprotective properties, due to which it can help keeping the liver healthy.


So, we have dedicated our today’s article to the health benefits in mango slices. We hope you will be gaining some more about the same by this piece of writing.

Note- Avoid excessive consumption mango.

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