Is sweat good for your hair?

In this blog we will read “Is Sweat good for your hair?”

The first time I heard about it, I decided to exercise and sweat my best so that sweat can help me grow the hair of my dreams but everyday moving around with those sweaty hair, nasty smell and obviously I couldn’t wash my hair everyday was difficult.

That’s when I decided to find out the truth of all that which I heard and blindly followed.

Is sweating making my hair fall? Is sweating the reason behind my hair growth? Yes? No? Confused?

What’s the truth, let’s find out.

What is Sweat?

Is Sweat good for your hair

Sweat is our body’s natural fluid which is released by the sweat glands in response to exercise, stress, and to temperature. These sweat glands are present all over the body and on our scalp as well.

But the question is whether this natural fluid is a boon or bane for the hair.

It is composed majorly of water and some amounts of electrolytes, fatty acids, lactic acid, and nitrogen metabolites such as urea, ammonia and uric acid.

The Boon of Sweat

Exercising everyday is recommended to keep our body healthy, active and in good shape. But that is not the only benefit.

Exercising, especially heavy workouts leads to lots of sweat which helps to open the clogged pores and hair follicles on our scalp, hydrates the scalp and thus promotes hair growth.

The Bane Game

is sweat good for your hair

We talked about how sweat is healthy for our hair but does that mean you should roam around with those sweaty locks thinking you are giving your hair some magic therapy and they will grow into those long, lustrous hair of your dreams?

Well, sorry to disappoint, that’s not going to happen.

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Sweat contains different types of acids and one of them is lactic acid. This lactic acid when combined with the hair protein that is keratin leads to damaged hair follicles.

This sweat when in contact with the bacterias enjoying in our scalp can lead to bacterial infections.

Also, when sweat gets mixed with flakes present on the scalp they can clog the pores.

Contrasting statements? 



Though there is no scientific evidence whether sweat is of any benefit in promoting hair growth and can magically disappear that bald patch appearing on your head, but giving below evidence of the negative effects.

Sweating surely hydrates our hair and scalp but leaving it for long will do no good and it will just clog the pores and lead to hair loss and gives that bad odour which you surely don’t want around.

So, move your body, exercise everyday, shed those extra sweat but never leave them on for long.

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Let’s Burst Some Myths

There are many myths and passed on information about hair care which can be misleading at times. We don’t know whether they are right or wrong but we just start following them upon someone’s advice.

Let me tell you just because it worked for them, then it will work for you as well or if they are saying something that worked for their hair is the only thing they used.

So, what’s true and what is myth, let’s find out.

Egg Mask

One of the commonly used things which is applied on hair to boost up the hair growth is, sorry to say, a myth.

Actually, egg yolk which is filled with vitamins helps to prevent hair fall and when hair fall is less, then the hair looks fuller and gives an illusion that hair is growing.

Castor Oil

Many claims have been made that mixing castor oil with another oil and applying it to your scalp will boost hair growth.

But, again, it’s a myth.

There is no scientific proof which proves the credibility of castor oil.

As castor oil is a thick oil and even after mixing it with another oil, it needs lots of massaging when applying it on the scalp. This massaging of the scalp increases blood circulation in the scalp thus promoting hair growth. But, castor oil directly has no role in hair growth.

Banana and Honey Mask

It is of the commonly used hair masks. Its conditioning properties and ability to clean the scalp is considered helpful in hair growth. So yes, it’s true.


Curd is a good investment to make but, for dandruff control. Its acidic nature helps to remove the dandruff from the hair but has very little efficacy for hair growth.

Other Ways to Make Your Hair Healthy

Yes, sweat if not the way to your dream hair but let me tell you secrets to healthy and beautiful hair.


As I said before, exercise helps to keep the body, mind and hair healthy.

Good Food

You know what, whenever I am hungry I always tell my boyfriend that I want good food. Well my good food is all junk but it’s not going to help my hair grow.

The healthy balanced, rich in protein and fiber diet is what is going to give you the strong strands.

Is Sweat good for your hair


In the modern world, we go back to our old roots and that’s where we find foods and seeds rich in omega-3, protein, and vitamins which helps to strengthen the roots of hair.

Hair care routine

The most important of all, no matter how good and healthy a routine in terms of food and exercise you are following but if you are not following a good hair care routine then everything goes in vain.

Hair oiling

Oiling and massaging your scalp increases the blood flow to the follicles and opens the pores and also feels so therapeutic. In earlier times, people used to oil their hair everyday but in modern times, no one likes to go out with oily hair. So the concept of oiling before washing the hair comes into play. 

Is Sweat good for your hair

You should oil your hair at least 4-5 hours before oiling. Many people recommend to oil your hair overnight before washing but according to doctors 4-5 hours are sufficient.

Hair wash

I have long, straight, smooth hair and I always skipped using conditioner after shampoo citing the reason that my hair is already so smooth thus they don’t need conditioning. But when I went to the hostel, I understood the importance of conditioning as my hair were in the worst state because of the hard water there. Conditioners not only smoothens your hair but also keeps the hydration locked and gives a smooth shine to your hair.

It is also important to choose the right shampoo which should be sulphate free, wax free.

Earlier, especially in India, our mothers and grandmother used to wash their hair with natural shampoo, a powdered mix of Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Reetha (Soapberry), and Shikakai (Soapod) which did not contain any chemicals and was all natural and kept those locks strong.

Wooden comb

You understand its importance when you use it. How good it is on your hair. It’s a try you will love.

Say no to tight bands

Tight hair bands weaken the hair at the site where it is tied, they pull the hair roots towards them increasing the chances of hair fall and along with that I have personally experienced how these bands give bad headaches.

Hi Dear Scrunchies

These are all love. Those satin cloth wrapped scrunchies are not only trending because of how they look on our hair but also because of how they make our hair and head feel and most importantly hair fall because of bands, what’s that when using scrunchies?

Along with that keep your hair braided or tied in a loose pony-tail but don’t sleep with your hair all open. 

Silk Pillows Covers

They are magicians. Replacing your regular pillow covers with silk covers will do only wonders for your hair and help you make the hair game strong.

So, we talked about the benefits and disadvantages of sweat for our hair and a few more extra tips to keep them healthy. 

I hope you got the answer to all your questions in one place.

Hope to meet you with strong hair next time.

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