What are the best different types of eyeliner?

In this blog we will read about the “What are the different types of eyeliner?

Beauty is to be respected and it needs to be enhanced. Eye make up is one of the most desirable and enchanting parts of any make up. Well if we say that eye makeup gives perfection to the whole beauty, there will be no hyperbole.

Eyeliner has no definite or just one shape to carry rather it has a huge variety of application. 

Also, applying eyeliner is an art that we have to learn and practice first. Well, eyeliner is one of the most important parts of eye make up and we cannot expect an eye make up to be completed without a good shaped eyeliner. 

So here it is quite clear that eyeliner has a huge variety and there are different types of eyeliner.

Did you know eyeliner has a vast plot of importance? If you look back into the history of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, you will see that these civilizations had already come up with the idea of applying eyeliner very well. 

They used to believe that eyeliner could save them from dusty air and it could give them a wrinkle free skin. 

Also, they used to find their faith in the souls and it was quite popular that a make up around the eyes will save them from bad spirits or souls.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that eyeliner became popular in the West, thanks to the likes of Hollywood stars, painters, and others. 

Eyeliner has never been absent from a woman’s makeup bag since its invention. An individual’s mood and appearance can be dramatically altered by a single application of eyeliner.

The classification of the different types of eyeliner can be done on two basis-

  • On the basis of matter
  • On the basis of design

We will throw some light on the different types of eyeliner. You can experiment with these eyeliner styles and look at home.

Different Types of eyeliner on the basis of design

Classic strokes

Classis Stroke eyeliner design

Conventional strokes are also known as classic strokes.

Beginners to eyeliner may discover this their very first brush stroke. In addition to saving you time, it doesn’t necessitate any particular training. 

Here, all that is needed is a simple curve from the inner corner of the eye to the outside corner of the eye. 

The thicker the lining, the thinner the strokes you should use in the outer corner. 

Eyeliner done in the anime style

IMG 20220813 WA0007

To describe a Japanese cartoon as “anime,” one must first determine if it is hand-drawn or computer-generated. 

Cute or ‘kawaii’ characters often have large doe eyes, which are most frequently seen in female characters. With a thin wing at the beginning, thicken the eyeliner at the conclusion. 

Apply a thin line of eyeliner down the bottom lash line to finish the look. Apply a white liner to the waterline to make the eyes appear bigger. 

One of the most adorable ways to apply eyeliner is with this. Pupil size is inflated, giving the appearance of a puppy eye. 

A fish’s tail

IMG 20220813 WA0013 1

You’ll need a fine winged liner to pull this off. If you want to make it look like a tail, draw a little curve from the lower lash line or the reverse wing of the eye. 

Fishtail eyeliner was Marilyn Monroe’s go-to look in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It’s sophisticated and alluring at the same time. 

Falsified eyelash liner or fox eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0016

It’s been around for a long now. Their eyes are large and slanted, giving them an animal appearance. It’s all about sexiness and sophistication when it comes to new eyeliner designs like this one. 

Apply the eyeliner in a fine, circular motion starting at the outer corner of the eye. When applying the product, the inner corner of the eye and the lower inner lash line should serve as a guide. 

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Alexa Demi have helped make this eyeliner more popular. 

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A cat’s-eye view

IMG 20220813 WA0010

A common misunderstanding occurs when cat eyes are mistaken for winged eyes. While a winged liner has a “wing” that extends outward, a cat eyeliner is more dramatic due to the fact that it covers both lash lines to the outer corner. 

Begin at the centre of your eyelid and work your way outward. Draw a curving line in the direction of your eyebrow. By linking it in the centre of your lash line, you may form a triangle. As you fill the liner, flatten it from the innermost to the furthest corner. 

To achieve a cat’s eye look, use eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes and enhance their form. Powerful and furious. If you’re looking for the greatest results, you can use either liquid or gel liner.

Winged Eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0019

Eyeliner with a wing, often known as winged eyeliner. 

It’s one of the best party eyeliner styles. With a faint gloss towards the end, it’s a thin line. Draw a thin line from the inner to the outside eye, thickening it as you go. Add an outward “flick” at the end of the eyebrow bone by pulling the liner outward. 

Smokey Eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0018

The smokey eyeliner is the perfect finishing touch. 

Using an eye pencil yields the greatest results. This look can be achieved by dotting the upper lash line with eyeliner. Use a Q-tip or a thin round brush to smudge the line. 

Cat eye in dramatic form

IMG 20220813 WA0008

In order to experiment with the length of your eyeliner, you must have the bravery to do so. This group emits a sense of self-assuredness and swagger. Singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse made it popular. 

The length and thickness of the wing can be adjusted to create a winged eyeliner look with this method. 

Arabic Eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0009

It’s eyeliner in Arabic. The ambiance is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. The eyeballs can be manipulated to produce eyes with an almond shape. 

Extend the eyeliner outward and upward from the outside corner. Extend it slightly downward in the inner corner of the eye. 

Half lined up eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0014

A liner with only half of the material lined up.

Starting in the middle of the upper lash line, apply eyeliner to the lids. It’s all about a slight wing or flick from the outer corner of your eye. It’s easy to make and looks great. 

A third of the way out from the outside corner, it can be stretched along the lower lash line up to that point. 

Accent Colored Liner

IMG 20220813 WA0011

Are you sick of the same old dark eyeliners? Change things up a bit. After that, you may go ahead and add some color. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a colored eyeliner. When applying eye shadow, dot concealer on your eyelids in the shape of your eyeliner and then apply your favorite color.

The Curled Eyelash Effect

IMG 20220813 WA0017

Originally popularized by Twiggy in the 1960s, Dior’s Fall 2019 fashion presentation brought this look back into the spotlight. Subtle tracing of the lower lashes is possible. 

Alternatively, you can achieve Dior’s dramatic appearance by applying liner to both the tops and bottoms of the eyelashes at the same time.

Pro tip- Next time when going to a party, try considering something glitter around will be quite cool. So, you can just wear eyeliner glitter. In simple words, you can use different types of Gillette on your eyeliner. 

Well, there are so many eyeliner types that can be applied on big eyes but it is better to choose soft or thin winged eyeliner for big eyes. It will give you a classy style. 

You can use different eyeliners according to the theme of the party so never hesitate to choose colored eyeliners. 

Different types of eyeliner on the basis of material

Gel or liquid eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0015

Wax is a component that can be found in virtually all eyeliners; however, the amount of wax present in this particular brand of eyeliner is exceptionally high. 

As a direct result of this, it has garnered a reputation for being among the most reliable waterproof eyeliners that are currently on the market. 

When applying eyeliner, a specialized brush known as an eyeliner brush is used.

This ensures that the line is as precise as it can be. Even though gel liner is a great product to use for the waterline of the eye, it might be difficult to achieve this look with an eyeliner brush. 

Gel liner, on the other hand, might be easier to use. If you want a line that is more precise, you could begin by dipping an eye pencil into gel liner. This will allow you to create a more defined line.

Eyeliner Cream or cream eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0020

When it comes to creating a smokey eye look, cream eyeliners are likely your best bet, possibly even more so than any other product. 

The reason for this is that they are essentially designed to be smudged and function similarly to other cream-based cosmetics, such as eye shadow, in that they are easily able to be smudged. 

A kohl eyeliner is a wonderful choice to have if you want to apply eyeliner directly to the waterline of your eyes.

You may get the benefits of this type of eyeliner with a formulation that is less prone to smudge by giving one of the choices that we have listed below a try.

Pencil eyeliner

IMG 20220813 WA0012

Eyeliners that come in pencil form are the simplest to use, making them an excellent choice for individuals who are eyeliner novices. 

The formula for this eyeliner is a combination of a dry and a creamy one, which enables it to be applied with relative ease. In addition to pencils, this category also includes eyeliners that are applied using a mechanical device. 

Retractable eyeliner pencils are convenient and less likely to break, although they are more challenging to sharpen than traditional pencils. 

Eyeliners that come in pencil form, especially if they make the promise that they are waterproof, do not last as long as liquid eyeliners.


So, here is all you want to be up to eyeliners in different styles. We hope you will enjoy applying all these different types of eyeliner in the consideration of various themes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to apply eyeliner round eyes?

It is recommended to start from the outer corner of the eye with an angled brush and a cream eyeshadow or liner, then drawing at a downward angle toward the outer corner of the eye. Your pupil is located at this point when you’re looking straight ahead.

Q2. How to do eyeliner on uneven eyes?

If you have an issue with the eyes shape, do apply a simple eyeliner with round curves. It will make your eyes quite resembled. 

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