How to emphasize on mental health in Covid 19?

In this blog we will read about the “How to emphasize on mental health in Covid 19?”


Sitting down on a morning tea and bring those gossips again with friends! Isn’t it a normal routine but what if to see it slipping down away from our hands? Well, it might be heart-hitting but unfortunately, it is a reality after the Covid pandemic world. Oh, what about mental health?

On 30 January 2020, the world health organisation declared coronavirus as a public emergency and it became a pandemic. Coronavirus led people to follow social distancing and here the actual game plan started.

Firstly, coronavirus is a deadly virus and secondly, it is splitting the people from society and their circle. However, the mortality rate of Covid is quite low (around 2-3% as per the death rate comparatively) yet it is a public health emergency. Why, because it goes too quickly from one person to another! Here comes that question again; what about mental health?

Any person having such a disease which is supposed to be life-threatening becomes hopeless and it ultimately seeks support of other people but hence Coronavirus flies too quickly so this way has no chance. Losing people is losing hope. We have so many things to talk about as COVID-19 is pushing us to think more and more. Here we are with you and we will take our discussion on the actual point of mental health in the COVID scenario. Let’s first see the person-breaking things which are surrounding us in the COVID world.

What are we people facing in the Covid-genre?

Of course, coronavirus is the worst nightmare of this era but somehow it’s another reality of today’s world. We are stuck in between it and we have to survive. There are so many things that are challenging our mental health.

We will list them one by one. Here to see.

Causes of Mental-sickness in Covid 19

Self isolation

Hence Coronavirus is a quick flowing virus so people are compelled to isolate themselves from others. They even have to isolate themselves from their loving family members. Sometimes people link isolation with loneliness and they think that now they don’t have an option to go back. The thing is to remember that isolation never meant that. We have to agree that isolation is giving rise to mental anxiety during the coronavirus era.

Fear of death

Fear is the biggest ruler of a person. And, if you have fear for something, you may obey what your fear makes you to do. Coronavirus is a fatal virus that is life-threatening and now there is widespread fear among people. This is the fear of death. Fear of death is superior among all categories of fear. Obviously, it will affect the mental health of a person.

Doctors on social media

Technology has done so many favours to humankind as now humans can benefit from things more than before. These favours are really great and this is all about the scientific era but we cannot avoid the losses given by technical instruments. During this Covid era, when people are in a lock down of their homes, they have started searching each and every piece of information on the internet.

No doubt, there is so much well-researched data on the internet but there is so much which is not authentic at all on the internet too. Especially, on social media, there are so many fake doctors. Although coronavirus is a hazardous virus yet its mortality rate is low than the other no curable diseases.

During this Coronavirus time zone, there are so many rumors which are spreading too quickly. They are spreading quicker than the spread of coronavirus. Scientists have data where they have marked infectious pandemics to be the reason for anxiety and depression on a big scale. In this internet century, we people get most of the information from social media. Analytical research of Ebola and swine flu shows that people expressed deep anxiety and fear for these two diseases.

Most of the things which gave birth to fear were found fake information spreading via the internet.

Lock down

Lock down is when people get stuck in their homes. Nobody was allowed to go out. Roads and markets were so alone. Everywhere policemen could see. If anyone went outside, he/she had to suffer police integration. People lost their jobs. They faced a loss in their business. All these things are not normal at all.

Lock down was enough to snatch the hopes of people for a normal and healthy life again.

No hospital zone

People having symptoms of coronavirus did not prefer hospitals as they thought hospital staff would do conspiracy against them if they get positive. This was not the reality of medical staff as they are always ready to help us out. Somehow, people developed fear against doctors and they chose not to go to them. This was actually because of rumors spreading via social media among the people. Now, they suffered in pain as they were afraid of medication. This situation is also affecting their mental health.

Financial problems

During this Coronavirus pandemic when the lock down was imposed, many people lost their jobs and they faced financial problems. Those people who are in business also faced losses in their work and that led to critical financial conditions. Some people even had to struggle with their daily diet. All these problems gave rise to mental conflicts and ultimately people lost their mental health.

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How to handle mental health (conflicts) in coronavirus pandemic?

Although lock down has been removed from us yet Coronavirus is still existing in this world. We have certain causes of mental health conflicts during the coronavirus pandemic. Here we will list down how to manage mental health during this. Let’s see the ray of hope.

Isolation is just a guideline

Yes, if you are living in isolation, do not think that you are alone in this world. Isolation doesn’t ever mean loneliness but it is just a Covid guideline. You must have heard that “prevention is better than cure” hence here it goes the same.

So if you have Covid symptoms and you are living in isolation, be cheerful, not hopeless.

If you do not have any Covid symptoms and you are not having coronavirus in you, still you are supposed to follow the guidelines. Try to maintain the distance from other people and make sure you are giving priority to isolation. This is just for your health concern. You are always connected with the people and isolation cannot split you from your people. Isolation will only be disconnecting you from Coronavirus, that’s it.

Ready for lock down again if it is going to be imposed

The government had imposed a lock down to fight against Coronavirus. There are so many countries that have removed Coronavirus and they have won the match. Still, a few countries are having a lock down and they are fighting against the pandemic. No doubt they will defeat this deadly virus and make a better tomorrow.

If you are reading this article from such a country having lock down or having the chances of lock down, do not lose hope, rather be ready to welcome it. Lock down is to defeat the deadly virus and it is for our welfare. So, ready with the stuff to survive in the lock down and believe that one day, you will completely defeat this virus and end the chances of more lock downs. This is simple and you don’t have to be concerned about anything. Just take care of your mental well-being because that is very important.

Do not blindly follow social media

As we already know that there are rumors spreading quicker than the spread of coronavirus hence we have to be very careful. Everything which is underlined on social media is not true. There is a lot of stuff that is being circulated only for fame and good views. Yes, it is true that Coronavirus is a pandemic and it is very hazardous yet there are chances of survival. Follow the guidelines of Coronavirus provided by WHO.

Apart from this, try to be updated with the information only from authentic sources. Do not blindly follow whatever you are seeing on social media. This will only affect your mental well-being and ultimately you will start losing your hope. Hence go for authentic sources like WHO and follow whatever they are providing.

Seek medical attention if you are not good

Medical staff is always ready to help you and hence do not follow any rumour against them. There is a helpline number where you can directly tell your concern and get help. Although there are some people in the medical line who are not serving good yet everyone is not like them. So, try to seek help from doctors rather than any social media platform. If you see any symptoms in you, just call the nearest healthcare center and say your concern.

If needed, go to the hospital and take medication. Always remember that medications and medical attention is for your health not for conspiracy. Doctors are to save your life and they are dutiful. If your health is not good, you should visit a doctor nearby and seek medical attention.

Coronavirus is not only about death

Coronavirus is a deadly disease but remember that the mortality rate of this virus is quite low. If you are someone who is really afraid of coronavirus, just look at the mortality rate of other things on a daily basis. Someone having coronavirus does not mean it is going to die. If it gets proper treatment, it will certainly survive. Do not let your mind think that Coronavirus is not always meant to kill you. Death is a reality of our lives but it doesn’t mean we lose hope.

Life is very beautiful and there are ups and downs in our lives on a daily basis yet we have to be positive. A healthy mind is always in the healthy body hence try to follow the guidelines so that you may avoid coronavirus. If you are already suffering from coronavirus, we hope that you will be having medical attention. If you are reading this article from your hospital bed, we assure you that you are going to survive. Yes, you are capable and your immune will save you. You will defeat this deadly virus for sure, we guarantee. So be positive, be healthy.

Try to find out ways to make money

If you are facing loss in your business or you have lost your job, you have other opportunities to make money. You can make money online and there are so many opportunities open for you. If you are facing financial problems in the pandemic, remember this is just a lesson you have to learn. After this, you have to do your best to make money so that you may improve your financial condition. Just open Google and you will find people who are doing great in the pandemic even off they have lost their jobs and faced losses in their business.

Yes, they are still surviving and they are happy. So why can’t you? You are a human being and according to the humanistic approach, a human being is always capable. This is enough principle to push you towards your capabilities.So, welcome positive thoughts coming to you and see what you can do to make more money. Instead of feeling low, believe that you will certainly find some way to cope up and then you will do really great. Again, remember you have to handle your mental conflicts because you have to survive in the pandemic.


We are the product of our thoughts and whatever we believe, we become like that. So we have to welcome only the positive things and good thoughts. During this Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a new side of this world and we should think that we have found something new. Coronavirus has taken so many things from us but from a positive perspective, the world has improved its quality and we cannot avoid that. We can see that pollution has ultimately been controlled by itself.

Our earth is getting greener day by day because so many industrial areas have become non-active. So can we not take it as a good side? Yes of course we should, because this world is our surviving land and we should be always grateful for it. Population and other technical development have harmed our earth and now it is healing on its way. So, we can see that things happen for a reason. Here this pandemic has come to make us realise what we have done and what we are doing. Welcome positivity and see a new side of things. This is just a matter, not a concern.

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