Top 7 ways to cope up with anxiety and depression to get better

In this blog we will discuss on the ways to cope up with anxiety and depression

“Your skin is not a paper so don’t cut it,

Your neck is not a coat so don’t hang it,

Your height is not a book so don’t judge it,

Your life is not a movie so don’t end it.”

I read these lines somewhere on the internet but I actually can relate these things to my life. It is very obvious that today we all suffer from anxiety and depression. These things have become actually a part of our lives but have you ever wondered how dangerous they are?

There are a variety of reasons that emphasize on the triggers of depression and anxiety. For example, there might be a meeting where we have to give a presentation. Here we may get our heartbeat go high and nerves go down. This is a natural response of our body to this stressful situation. This bodily condition is nothing more than anxiety.

When it comes to describing depression, we can say that it is a state where we start losing control from our feelings. Often depression is described as the upper stage of sadness.

Anxiety and depression have become a part of our day today life. We cannot deny this fact but we need to cope up with anxiety and depression because they are injurious to us. It’s good to see that there are strategies through which we can cope up with anxiety and depression. We will discuss these things in our article.

What is depression and anxiety?

Let’s dig a little deeper inside psychology to understand what exactly depression and anxiety stands for. In simple terms, depression is the upper state of burying our emotions and feelings whereas anxiety is the bodily response to any distress.

Depression, stress, anxiety etc are mental disorders. Although they are categorized under a mild category of mental disorder yet they are not really friendly to any person.

There are two types of mental disorders –

Psychosis and Neurosis

Psychosis is the mental disorder where a person loses its connection with reality. This is a severe mental disorder whereas neurosis is a type of mental disorder where a person has mental illness but it does not lose its connection with the current reality.

In our day to day life, we often experience neurosis. It is exactly like having food, drinks, and taking a shower because these are some basic day today activities of our lives. So we can just simply elaborate that depression and anxiety is coming towards us as a part of our day today life. We do a lot of deeds in our lives. We have some daily targets and we need to achieve them. So at the end of the day we find ourselves having some kind of neurosis. Let’s see in detail.

Suppose that, if we have a deadline to submit our project. We have to work hard to complete that but meanwhile we suffer stress and that makes us anxious. Just in case, if we are unable to submit the task on the deadline, that leaves us behind as a depressed body. So basically, we all experience neurosis in our day today life whether it is at the end of the day or the end of the month or the end of the year.

It is very obvious that we all have certain needs. For those, we need to work and maintain our life. So now ultimately, we invite neurosis in our life because we have targets. Actually these things are very natural in our today’s life but all we need to do is we have to accept. Let’s see what research present for depression and anxiety.

What research says about it?

According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 264 million people who are suffering from depression all over the world. These people have no specific age group but they are from all ages. Even, world health organisation has emphasized depression as the biggest and leading cause for many diseases.

Research shows that depression and anxiety not only affect us mentally but also they slow down the bodily functions too. They affect the immune response as well.

In terms of men and women, depression is not the same in both genders. Women suffer from depression more than men. The only cause behind it is that women think a lot about any situation and sometimes they are unable to share their feelings with someone whom they suppose close to them.

Depression can even lead to suicidal thoughts and it can cause disturbance in the harmony of thoughts. Although depression and anxiety are the worst scenario for anyone’s life yet the thing is that they can be treated in psychological and pharmacological ways.

Why does depression and anxiety last in us?

Depression is not limited to any specific criteria but it has its extent globally among the people.

Ways to cope up with anxiety and depression to get better

There are some other reasons as well which restrict a good treatment for mental disorders. These include lack of experienced and good psychologists, lack of good resources, wrong diagnosis of the disorder, no diagnosis of disorder etc.

Before getting any treatment, it is very natural that one has to get the diagnosis for a particular disease. In case no genuine diagnosis is done for the disease, obviously that disease will not get the treatment as needed. So ‘no diagnosis’ becomes a major cause for untreated mental disorders. Second case is that, if there is no specific disorder yet the diagnosis comes in the wrong way or there is a person who is misdiagnosed, can be prescribed some antidepressants. This situation is also a hazardous and thinkable condition.

Symptoms of these mental disorders

Depression and anxiety are mental disorders yet they have variations in them. As we earlier discussed their original meaning, here we will write down some of the symptoms to elaborate them. Let’s see –

When can we say that we have anxiety?

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating
  • Sudden enhancement in heart rate
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Getting nervous
  • Goosebumps in the stomach
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling so weak

When can we say that we have depression?

  • Feeling sad
  • Thinking something loudly
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Forgetfulness
  • Loss of presence of mind
  • Craving to eat much or no appetite at all
  • Intense feeling to cry loud

Ways to cope up with anxiety and depression

Recognize the reason for your mental disorder

Before finding any solution, we need to find out the reason why we are not calm. Anyone who is having anxiety or depression, certainly there is a cause for that. All we need to do is to find out that reason and then we should move forward towards what we can do.

Take your stress as a motivation

While completing a task before a deadline, there is stress and that is natural. We should not be anxious about the situation, rather we should take our stress as a motivation. We should try to keep this stress as a guideline so that we should not make any mistakes and complete the task before the deadline. This is like a good coach behind us.

Take a deep breath

Whenever there is any stressful situation, anxiety occurs into us and we get so nervous. At this time we feel a sudden enhancement in our heart rate and also goosebumps in our stomach. So now we have to control this condition. Just take a deep breath so that you may console your brain that the situation is under control. This heart rate and goosebumps must be undertaken so now you have to take a deep breath and console yourself. It is because you already know that this stressful situation will meet the end soon.

Smash the negative thoughts

Negative thoughts only cause mental sickness to us. They restrict us from doing healthy deeds in our day-to-day life. That makes us sick and we start losing hope. Ultimately we become depressed and feel sad every time. Negative thoughts are just a burden for our life so we have to get rid of them.

What we can do for this is that we can listen to some good music that we like. What about cooking a delicious and mouthwatering dish? And what about going to a beach and feeling the cool breeze? That’s really perfect to avoid negative thoughts. We will mention an important point here.

Avoiding negative thoughts is actually important and it must be looked under. Negative thoughts are the foundation of depression, anxiety, overthinking and other mental disorders.

Note down your capabilities

Whenever you see a depressing or stressful situation coming to you, start remembering your capabilities. This will not only restrict you from having negative thoughts but also it will motivate you to cope up with anxiety and depression.

Just take a notebook and write down your capabilities. Count these things and then relate this with your success. In case you have any deadline for a project, instead of worrying and doubting your capabilities, start believing that you will definitely do that.

Yoga and exercise

Whenever we have anxiety and depression, we start losing our power of focusing on some point. We lose our concentration power which affects our memory.

If you are going through a very depressed condition, you will certainly notice that you are unable to remember even small but important things. Sometimes people see that they have started forgetting points while they are talking. In some cases, this habit becomes more severe and people start forgetting to do daily tasks like washing hands, eating food and excreting waste. All this situation is really dangerous to us. We have to maintain our mental health and we need some tips.

Here we have to enhance our concentration power and for this we can take help from yoga and exercise. Daily meditation can boost our memory power. If we do meditation in the morning on a daily basis, we will start feeling that we are getting inner peace. This will make us think about why we are depressed and anxious. Now we will also find out the solution for the same. Going for a walk outside of your house in the calm morning weather is also a good option. Go for it and fight against anxiety and depression.

Practice empathy

Although we have our own pain in our daily lives yet we should be very empathetic. Just see the world in an empathetic manner. If we are suffering, obviously the other people are also suffering. So we have to be very kind towards anyone. If we suppose and feel the pain of the other people, we will find ourselves as a compassionate personality.

Suppose, if we start being empathetic towards the world, maybe we will start a chain to be empathetic. Now the other people living in this world will also start being empathetic towards other living beings.

In the end we will see people coming towards us in an empathetic manner and that will make us calm. This is not just a theory but also this is very practical. This is very obvious that we get what we do. Practicing empathy may be a choice but sometimes it becomes a necessity if we want some peace in our life. We can also give hands to other people and help them out. This will fill a peace in our soul and we will get a way out from depression and anxiety. So letting empathy in your nature is a good choice.


In the end, we will conclude that every living being has some kind of neurosis in its life. All we need to do is that we should not give up in any situation. We must remember that we have techniques and ways to get out of these things. And yes, we have delivered some important ways to keep ourselves out from anxiety and depression. Just follow these things and we hope that you will see yourself as a “happy-charm-type” person.

One more thing, “life is very precious and it is given only once”. So start living calmly and enjoy the beauty of this world. Stay positive, stay blessed. Do let us know about your queries in the comment section below.

Robert Cole

With four years of dedicated writing experience in the health domain, Robert is a passionate and seasoned writer. His commitment to conveying complex health topics reflects not only his expertise but also his genuine enthusiasm for educating and informing readers about crucial aspects of well-being.

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