How to increase girth size fast? Top foods that increase girth.

Are you one of those who are not confident about your size and seeking how to increase girth size fast? We have some really awesome things for you. Be with us in today’s article to know about the top foods that increase girth.

how to increase girth size fast
Foods that increase size

Wondering about how to increase girth size fast? Here are the top foods that increase girth. Try it out

There is a debatable topic running among people for centuries that men who have bigger sizes of their penis are able to give more sexual pleasure. This makes men get obsessed with a penis that is bigger in size

The University of Kentucky conducted research to know about men’s desire regarding their penis size. 14,000 people participated in the study and the conclusion of the study suggested that 40% of the population who participated in the study showed a great interest in having a longer and thicker size of penis.

Well, there is also a universal truth that a big proportion of men around the world show an intense desire to have a longer and thicker size of penis but this gets worse when they link it with the power of their sexuality and masculinity. Due to this assumption, some men even found to get their penis enlargement done via surgery.

Not only men but also women are seen to be tremendously obsessed with the size of their partner’s penis. They also believe that a bigger size of penis will give them more sexual pleasure. Now, if a man wants to satisfy the wish of his partner, he seems really compelled to get penoplasty done. If you don’t know what penoplasty is, let us tell you that it is a surgery that is performed to enlarge the penis size. Are you a guy reading out this article and thinking that penoplasty is the only way to increase your penis size? Of course, it is not!

There are some other ways for you that may help in increasing your penis size and definitely they are healthier. There are foods that increase size and you can consume them if you want to enlarge your penis size. Let’s dig deep into how to increase girth size fast.

How to increase girth size fast? Here are the top 8 foods.


If you are a food lover and like to try sea foods, you can better choose salmon as a great food that increase size. Salmon is a type of fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This may help in blood thinning and can provide you with a smooth flow of blood throughout the body because it contains fatty oils as well.


Complete your diet with an ample amount of onions because they may give you smooth blood circulation. It helps in good heart functioning and prevents blood clotting. A healthy blood flow with no clotting can play an important role in increasing penile girth.

Low-fat yogurt

If you are wondering about how to increase your girth naturally, try adding low-fat curd to your diet. You may be amazed to know that a low-fat yogurt is full of lean protein that helps your genitals grow naturally. Lean proteins are proteins that contain 10 grams of total fat and they are low in other saturated fat. Are still concerned with “how to increase girth size fast”, you can consume low-fat yogurt.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are really amazing in taste but did you know it has the power of increasing penile girth as well? Yes, that’s true. Dark chocolate contains a specific phytochemical called flavonol which helps in increasing the size of the penis.

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Banana has some really great benefits for our health. Increasing penile girth, and giving strength and energy to our body are some best facts about bananas. However, bananas may not directly increase penile girth but they are linked to the healthy functioning of the heart. When a heart is healthy, it maintains a smooth flow of blood throughout the body. When blood is circulated flawlessly in the penis glands, it amazingly increases penis size. Hence consuming bananas to increase penis size is also something that you can do.


If you want to know how to make your peni bigger with food, here is something for you.

Honey is rich in many nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, iron, and protein. It is also a great source of energy. Did you know, a 100 grams of honey contains 52 mg of potassium? Yes, it has this much amount of potassium in it.

Potassium is an element that helps in blood thinning. Potassium gives a great contribution to flawless blood circulation. It is also found that honey helps in promoting testosterone levels as well.


Green vegetables when added to your diet give tremendous benefits to health. Broccoli is one of the most important green vegetables that can help in increasing penile girth. It can give strength to your penis muscles. It can even give you the power to hold blood in the penis glands for a long time which may increase your sex drive and timing as well. You may also consume sweet potatoes to increase your penis size.


Eggs are healthy and mouthwatering. They give strength to the body’s muscles. Have you ever heard that eggs are also useful in increasing penile girth? Yes, this is a fact. Egg helps in making penile tissue and they also control hormone levels. Thus consuming eggs in your daily diet may also help in increasing the size of your penis.

Does penis size really matter?

There are centuries of debates over the relationship between masculinity and penis size. Actually, studies make it easy to differentiate between what people have been considering for centuries and what the reality is behind them. Giving orgasm to a woman is not the concern of the male’s penis size. Actually, there are other factors like personality, foreplay, and sexual activities that arouse lust. If a man is confident enough about his penis size, this may positively affect his sexual excitement up to some extent.

There are some points to be noted. if a man has an average size of penis, he may still give a better orgasm to his partner if he is really into sexual activity.

However, there may be a possibility that your partner may get more aroused to see your penis and thus she may feel better orgasm.

Hence, size may reflect in the brain and play a psychological part rather than exactly affecting your life physically.

This fact you may even experience. For example, if your partner is not ready to have sex but somehow she gets intimate with less arousal, your big size may still not give her the pleasure she wants. So, what is the main point? It is that your size may have an impact on your partner’s pleasure but great preparation for sex may give a better orgasm than that.

Now come back to the point where society debates.

Do you link masculinity with big size? Do not because muscularity can be determined by certain factors including behavioral patterns, personality traits, confidence, and other physical traits. We must say, size and masculinity are totally different. Do not link a man’s ability to give sexual pleasure with his masculinity. Just consider it as an art.

Sexual Intercourse healthy facts

Although penis size may not matter when it comes to giving an orgasm to your partner yet there are some healthy facts that you can consider while you are about to have sex with your partner. They are as under-

  • Do interesting sexual activities before having direct intercourse.
  • Focus more time on your foreplay to maintain your sex drive.
  • You can watch a romantic movie with your partner before having sex.
  • Decorate your room with some flowers.
  • Ask your partner about liking any sexual activity.
  • Try different positions to enjoy intimacy with your partner but make sure you don’t hurt your partner with any experiment.
  • Do not forget to maintain hygiene because it is important for your health.

How to measure your penis size or penile girth?

Simply follow the steps given below and you will definitely find the measurement of your penile girth.

  • Take a measurement tape.
  • Wrap it around your penis.
  • Make sure your penis is in the normal position or not erect.
  • Now watch both ends made by the measurement tape around your penis.

You can do the same procedure with your penis when it is erected.


We hope that you have found some really amazing foods that increase girth and got to know how to increase girth size fast in today’s article. It is recommended to go for natural things rather than choosing artificial ways to enhance your penile girth.

Point to remember- A suggestion can be given here that you should always go for fact-checking when listening to any debate regarding any topic. There have been debates over the size of a male linked to masculinity and most people believe it which is shocking. We are living in such an era where everything is available on the Internet.

There are some really authentic sources through which we can get the data of various research. You can always go on those websites and read out what the results of those studies are saying rather than just believing what people are telling and debating over centuries. We need to break stereotypes. Males are human beings and their masculinity should be determined on the basis of their personality traits, physical traits, and other behavioral aspects.

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