How to stop Overthinking?

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Being creative is all we need. Creativity requires a thought process and in other words, “thinking something is creating something”. So, we can say that thinking about anything is good when we do creativity but here something comes.

Can we say thinking something with obsession would take towards creativity? Not at all, the answer is! Actually overthinking is just the other side of creating something. Creating something may go wrong if it gets an obsession of thoughts which leads to much to think about. Then it might turn into mental pressure and sickness.

Overthinking definition

There is a very micro threshold of overthinking on the scale of the thought process. Sometimes it is totally difficult to find that point. Thinking when going with negative assumptions becomes overthinking.

These are some basics of overthinking and the actual point is that overthinking hurts the most without zero positive effects itself. It is actually putting ourselves in such a situation which does not even exist there. And an over-thinker does not do this intentionally. We need to read articles on how to stop being an overthinker. This will make us motivated to see the reality of this world. The bad news is overthinking rules.

The good news is that overthinking is not un-curable. Yes, there are ways to stop overthinking and we need to know them.

So, here in this article, we are going to present the top 10 ways to stop overthinking. And we will discuss all facts about overthinking in detail from word to word. Come along!

10 ways to stop overthinking

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10 ways to stop an overthinking

Recognize yourself

It is really important to know who you are. If you do not recognize yourself, you will not be able to see your capabilities. We would like to say that overthinking starts when we see ourselves as a loser and that’s the reality.

Sometimes it is seen that we get affected by what other people are saying. It is like they start expecting something from us without even noticing what we are capable of. The worst thing begins when we ourselves start expecting that thing from us even knowing that we are not capable in that particular area.

Now we start assuming that we are not able to win any task. Just take an example here. A fish is well known for swimming. No one can beat her swimming doesn’t matter how much effort is there but here comes the real game. What will happen if we start expecting a fish to climb a tree? Obviously, she is not going to win the task because she has her capabilities in something else. The same thing applies to human beings.

Every human being is made up of a different variety of thoughts. These thought processes actually make its behaviour and personality and develop capabilities in it. The thing is that we have to recognize what we are good at.

  • If we do not notice our capabilities and go with the flow of society, certainly we will lose somewhere.
  • If fortunately, we get success in something which we were not good at, can we expect that we will be satisfied?
  • If we are not satisfied, automatically we will be overthinking.

As we all know that overthinking hurts the most and a person with overthinking cannot get satisfaction and peace doesn’t matter how successful he is. So the very basic thing to stop overthinking is to recognise ourselves.

Past is a history

Overthinking is when we think about a particular event or thing too much without considering the reality. Overthinking has no straight lines rather it has a net of thoughts without positive consequences. Sometimes we are stuck in the past. Especially if we have something really painful or embarrassing in the past, automatically it is really time taking to forget that thing.

  • Sometimes it goes too long and makes the other person overthink that. It not only takes our peace but also makes us mentally sick.
  • Secondly, it makes us see ourselves as bad person who has no sense.
  • Third, it takes the power of believing in ourselves. It snatches our self-confidence. 

The most important thing to notice here is that we cannot change what already has happened in the past. Rather we can forget it. So simply, we should go for the second option and try to forget that embarrassing and painful event from the past. It is good if we try and do this at the earliest. Remember, if you do not forget the past, you will make yourself an overthinker. So better stop thinking about the past.

Others’ behaviour is not your concern

Sometimes others’ behaviour compels us to think. We get concerned about what other people are saying but we should actually see that we cannot control others’ behaviour. Other people are free to say or believe what they think but it is our responsibility to ignore these things.

If we are good at something and we know it, we should only focus on this. If someone is saying bad things about us and we know that it is not true, obviously we should not pay attention to that. Rather than torturing yourself with others’ behaviour, try focusing on what you are. Do not overthink what other people are expecting. Just do whatever is correct and whatever you are capable of.

In this world, you cannot imagine how some people are living. Even some people are only living to judge you. They have the biggest concern in their life and that is it. So, if you are trying to shut everyone’s mouth, in the end, you will find your mouth would be shut. Along with your mouth, you will see your thought processes and your mental peace will also get away from you. It will leave you behind as an overthinker.

So, Do not even think about how to control others’ behaviour. We are farbading you to think about that so how it is possible that you go to overthink that? There are a few things in this world to which we should not pay attention. Not even a single glimpse is required there so why should we be concerned about that? Just get this point of what we are saying. Others’ behaviour is not our concern. It is like thinking or overthinking about anyone’s behaviour will only leave you behind as a restless person.

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Face the challenges, Live in the present

Overthinking might occur when we feel that we will not be able to face any task. This is like we start underestimating our capabilities. Another thing, as we discussed, is that sometimes we think about past events so intensely that we forget to live in the present. Also, we forget that we are supposed to forget that particular past event.

So if you are someone who is so obsessed with past events and you overthink it so much, you might lose your mental peace. First of all, come down and try to live in the present.

Neither think about the past nor go for the future rather start living in the present. Now, understand that life is not a bed of Roses. So now you have to consider the ups and downs as a part of your life. In fact, if you want a normal life, you will have to add some ups and downs in your life otherwise you might be sent to another world with no normality. Being an overthinker, you cannot suppose yourself to face the challenges. You will have to stop at some point if you want to get success. Think about something to enhance your creativity but don’t let yourself overthink anything which reduces your mental peace.

Make notes of your capabilities

Whenever you see yourself overthinking about anything, take a pen and notebook on your side. Now start writing whatever you are thinking. Just write down your thoughts on your own. Try writing the reasons why you are thinking. Now one by one, try finding out the solutions and also write them down. This will make you understand what you are looking for. This might be a great idea to stop being an overthinker. Believe us, you are capable and you have to agree with this point.

As per the humanistic approach, Maslow and Rogers have already mentioned that human beings are capable and able to make decisions. So believe what these big psychologists are saying.

Now come to your capabilities. If you are unable to find out what you are good at, just calm down and sit on your couch. Think about whatever you have done in your past. Try thinking about creative things which you have already done. Do not let yourself think about the embarrassing moments of the past. This you have to remember.

Now one by one, try remembering the creative things you have done and then write them down. This will make you more comfortable with yourself. By finding out what you are good at, you will start recognising your capabilities. Now you will see yourself as a capable one and then you feel positive. This will reduce your overthinking.

Don’t be afraid of anything

Overthinking starts when you are afraid of something. This might be your fear which is leading to overthinking. For example, if you are going for an interview, here you start getting nervous. Obviously, you think about your selection process. The biggest concern will be something like what will happen if you do not beat the interview and secure the job position. Taking the stress and thinking about something is only good when it keeps you motivated. Once it starts making you negatively scared, it takes you towards overthinking.

See, if you are a skilled person, you don’t have to worry about anything. Do not be negative. Think that there are so many opportunities and you can have all of these. If you do not get selected for anything, it doesn’t mean that you have nothing. Life will open next door for you so do not fear anything. This is not just for your job or interview, this is for everything. Do not get depressed. Try keeping yourself positively. Think about the positive things and life will bring happiness to you.

Believe in actions

If you do not want to be an over-thinker, try not daydreaming about anything. Be a person of action not dreaming. If you want to achieve something big in your life, first of all, do not just blindly believe in your success. Second thing, do not be so negative that you get afraid of challenges and start overthinking for the same. You don’t have to be both of these things. Rather be positive and confident enough to make your path. Certainly, you will get success if you are doing actions. Overthinking only will lead you towards sorrow.

Share your feelings

Being an introverted person is not a big deal but when it starts making you think something so continuously that you get anxious, this becomes something to get rid of.

Sometimes we have some feelings inside us. And if we do not share these feelings with the world, we start pushing ourselves towards overthinking. Expressing your feelings is the point. If you have any sorrow deep inside you, try expressing it with your tears. Do not hesitate to cry rather know your tears and let them go. This will make you free from thinking those things and also you will get rid of overthinking.

Focus on solutions

If a human being is given life, he is also rewarded with some problems and solutions. So we have to consider that problems will be there if we are living a life and all we have to do is find out the solutions. So do not be a person who only finds problems in life. Rather be someone who provides the world with the solutions. There is a benefit to finding out solutions. If you focus on the solution, you will see that you are prepared for any challenge. Even if you are given a very tough task, you will find out the way somehow. It is because you are a person who is living for the solutions, not for the problems.

In the end, you will see yourself as a happy and positive personality. If we see life from the perspective of problems, we will not be able to find any solution. This will make us an over-thinker and we will be helpless. So, there is no problem in focusing on solutions, go ahead.

Be a nature lover

Yes, go outside and see what nature has given to you. It is very obvious that if you are living in a certain territory and you do not get off from it for a very long period of time, you will feel sad without no reason. You might not know the reason for your sadness but we have an explanation. Actually, human beings are very curious and they need to know something new from time to time. Now this need if does not get satisfied, automatically your feelings start hitting inside you.

So, try to find happiness outside of your territory too. When you will go outside, you will see that there are so many things to make you happy. Now, this will reduce your overthinking and you will find some good for yourself.


Overthinking is very injurious to our mental health. We need to keep ourselves away from it. So do not let any of your feelings live long inside you without expressing them. Just simply express it and make yourself free from overthinking. In the end, it is all about your mental health and you have to take care of it with your extraordinary efforts and should follow the above mentioned ways of how to stop overthinking?

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