Internalized homophobia: Causes and ways to fight against it

In this article, we will read about “Internalized homophobia: causes and ways to fight against it”

Ever wondered why people with the same sexual preferences hate to express their identity? Here is what internal homophobia escapes them from showing who they are.

internalized homophobia
Internalized homophobia

Gender identification has moved towards a significant direction today. It seems that we have covered a really crucial distance on the scale of modernity but are we that much mature to accept the bold but natural facts? Well, it seems not.

People’s obsession with specific genders like male, female and LGBT becomes tremendous differences when it comes to giving judgements. In simple words, we are quite comfortable in talking when it comes to a straight choice of sexual pleasure.

We do have some pre-decided assumptions for gender variations. It leads us to develop certain kinds of fear against the gender orientation of a person.

The sexual orientation of a person is still a matter of concern for a smart society like ours. It has been a taboo for centuries till yet. We are still not comfortable in terms of talking about homosexuality as a natural phenomenon.

There are lots of factors that do not let us believe that homosexuality is as natural as the existence of any unexpected thing in this world.

We have covered homosexuality through social beliefs, religious aspects and personal assumptions.

So we have a question here, have you ever heard about internalised homophobia? Ever wondered what’s internalized homophobia?

If not, we will explain it to you.

In our today’s article, we will discuss what homophobic means. We will see the homophobe definition and the causes that lead to internalized homophobia and how we can deal with them. Let’s start our journey here.

How can internalized homophobia be explained?

Here is an internalized homophobia definition. Internal homophobia is a term which is used to determine the specific fear against a person who is attracted to the same gender.

The most important thing here is that homophobia does not solely exist in people who are not homosexual but also in people who are attracted to the same gender or homosexual.

What’s internalized homophobia?

This term is named internalized homophobia because it comes internally from a homosexual person.

What does homophobic means?

It means that a person who is homosexual or feels attraction toward the same gender experiences the fear to express himself in front of other people.

Actually, gender specifications and beliefs are interlinked. It is like society or people have certain kinds of stereotypical beliefs linked to a specific gender. Just understand it with these examples.

If you are a male, you will be justified in such a manner that makes us believe or expect that you will be super strong no matter what happens.

If you are a female, you are expected to be tender and careful in every aspect of your life. This is in terms of how a specific gender should behave.

In terms of sexual choices, the expectations are the same.

Being a male or female, you need to show your sexual preferences according to what has been previously set; like being attracted to the opposite sex. In case you are attracted to the same gender as you have, the problems begin to start and it may lead to homophobia.

Being a homosexual is not that easy and a person who belongs to the LGBT community has to face so many issues in their day-to-day life. it is quite tough for them to express their identity in front of the world as a homosexual person.

Internal homophobia is bigger than what we think. In fact, a person suffering from internal homophobia may sometimes feel disappointment in his life.

We can also say that internal homophobia is a feeling of fear against homosexuality on the basis of personal assumptions, societal norms and religious beliefs.

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Major factors that cause internal homophobia

Here we will underline three major factors that cause internal homophobia. Do note them down.

Personal assumptions

Personal assumptions mean what a person thinks or believes. Whatever a person thinks can be analysed as assumptions. It is quite natural that every individual has some kind of mindset and beliefs regarding any specific context.

When it comes to homosexuality it seems that it is not easy to consider this a normal term.

A person who belongs to the LGBT community has to face discrimination due to personal assumptions. Let us clarify the LGBT community here.

The full form of the LGBT community is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. These gender orientations have been put in this category.

It can be said that other people may assume homosexuality as something which should not be in existence.

Societal norms

Living in a society without coordination with norms is not a consideration for normal survival. Hence a person has to cooperate with societal norms whether they are explicit or implicit.

Societal norms are one of the greatest factors that may cause homophobia at priority.

Every individual is bound to stick to what society has set as norms. There are so many implicit norms that affect our thoughts and feelings. When it comes to people who are attracted to the same gender, society discriminates against them because it is an act which is unlawful, according to societal norms.

Although people are getting aware of homosexuality yet there are many countries that do not accept homosexuality legally. So it is still a taboo for societies which do not consider it lawful.

Religious beliefs

This is the biggest factor of all time that has a great influence on people. Due to religious beliefs, people may develop a feeling of hatred and anger towards a person who is attracted to the same gender.

In fact, there are a number of religious communities in the world and each has its specific beliefs. Not all but some religions are really strict against homosexuality. They neglect the rights of homosexual people. The followers of such religions never think of homosexuality as a natural and considerable phenomenon.

In a true sense, if we say that religion and homosexuality can never accept each other, there will be no hyperbole. Many people start hating the person who belongs to the LGBT community due to the beliefs of the religion they follow.

These are the major factors that cause internal homophobia.

4 Signs you may have Internalized Homophobia

  • Fear of expressing your identity as a person from the LGBT community.
  • Ashamed of your feeling as a homosexual.
  • Regretting when thinking about yourself as a homosexual.
  • Afraid of not being accepted as a homosexual in society.

What a homosexual person has to suffer?

Internal homophobia is a term that can be used to refer to a negative point of view or justification against homosexuality or the person who is attracted to the same gender.

The very first problem that a homosexual person has to face is finding out their own identity. The person who is homosexual has different behaviour and most of the time he is being mocked for the same.

After finding out that a person is homosexual, it is not easy to reveal this to their parents and other people. It is well-known that in general people have feelings of hatred and aggressiveness toward the homosexual community and hence it is not easy to face them at all.

This situation can be justified as internal homophobia because the person is not comfortable revealing their homosexual identity due to the hatred and anger of the people.

This eats homosexual people inside out but they are afraid to express who they are. Hence it is important to find out solutions. So how can we fight against internal homophobia? There are some tips that should be followed. We will write them down below.

How to deal with internal homophobia?

Let’s discuss the points of dealing with internalized homophobia –

Observe the surrounding before revealing

If you are someone who someday finds out that you belong to the LGBT community, do not regret or feel sad. Just calm down and start observing the people’s beliefs.

If you see religious people are there who strictly decline the concept of homosexuality, then do not express yourself too soon.

Likewise, if you see there are people who hate homosexuality no matter on what basis, you have to keep calm and wait. Try finding out such organisations that work for the LGBT community and their rights. You have to think for your security first and if you feel that the people around you have tremendous feelings of hate towards homosexuality, you do not have to express yourself in front of them. This is somehow unfortunate to hide your identity but keeping yourself safe is what should be considered first.

Accept who you are

How to deal with internal homophobia?

If you find out that you are from the LGBT community, feel proud, not ashamed. Always remember that you are unique and special and hence you do not have to blame yourself for what your identity is. You may face bullying and hatred from other people but you have to face them. People get jealous of any special and unique personality and hence they are jealous of you, think like this. So don’t lose hope and just accept who you are.

Don’t bear harassment

If you are being harassed by anyone, do not sit in silence. Just raise your voice and report whatever is going on with you to the organisations that work for the rights of the LGBT community. Always remember that nobody can harm you and your rights no matter what happens. Hence live happily and report if someone is trying to get you down.

Talk to your close person

If you have someone who understands your feelings, you are the lucky one. You can share your feelings and identity with that person.

No fear of judgement

The fear of being judged may cause internal homophobia and you do not have to fall victim to the same. Hence do not consider what other people are saying rather believe that you are beautiful in your way. There are a number of possibilities of things happening in this universe and believe us you are one of them. Hence you are quite okay and fine.


So here is all about internalized homophobia. We have shared a few tips to fight against internalized homophobia and we hope that they are going to work for you. If you are a person from the LGBT community, you are as normal as others. Hence live beautifully and work positively. If you have any queries or suggestions, just write them down in the comment section below.


Why are people homophobic?

People may be homophobic due to strict societal and religious beliefs against homosexuality.

How to overcome homophobia?

Identify your feelings. Express yourself. Don’t be ashamed of your sexual orientation. Be you, accept yourself.

How to fight internalized homophobia?

Calm yourself. Think about the sexual orientation you have and consider it very normal. Don’t get hyper. It’s quite normal to be you.

How to overcome unconscious gender bias?

Break stereotypes and old myths regarding gender specification. “Men can cry and women can run a country”, believe in this new phrase of our advanced century.

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